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Our Services

At Pubbix Tech, our motto is simple:  We stand with you.

We stand with you as you explore technology driven solutions designed to unlock your organization’s full potential.  We stand with you by offering exceptional development services dedicated to achieving your personal goals.  We stand with you by delivering fully customizable and efficient technology advancements that are both affordable and impactful.

We stand with you as you realize your dreams.

Pubbix Tech provides superior web development, mobile apps development, and digital brand identity services that are authentic to your business and help you grow.  We believe in taking the time to fully understand your vision and goals.  We help you define your product – and then design and build it. We believe in total transparency and honest communication throughout the entire process, and we take great pride in the quality of our work.

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Web Development

At Pubbix Tech, we deliver customized and tailor-made digital design and website development for both governments and businesses of all sizes.  From start-ups to corporate entities, we create elegantly designed websites that impress, captivate, and convert. As a leading website application development company, we are steadfast in hiring only the best certified developers available.  Our team of developers have unparalleled expertise working with the latest web technologies and digital advancements.  The results?  Phenomenal custom web solutions that make an impression and converts clicks to sales. Whether creating a web presence for your company, an information hub for your business, or a series of robust apps/IoT devices through backend, Pubbix Tech does it all by delivering a wide spectrum of web solutions and framework, implemented by some of the most talented individuals in the industry.

Mobile Apps Development

Pubbix Tech is your greatest weapon in the highly competitive mobile app market.  From B2B or B2C apps for governments, enterprises, small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs alike, our team of mobile app development experts boast an impressive, proven track record of offering high impact, result driven, and engaging mobile application development services.   Pubbix Tech is among the top mobile app development organizations throughout West Africa, delivering native Android app development, native iOS app development services, or building the next-gen mobile applications of the future.  To win in the cut-throat mobile app market, you need a development team that you can count on to deliver phenomenal development, elegant coding, and perfect execution.  We believe that an idea is only as good as its execution, and we believe firmly that partnering with Pubbix Tech is the first step on the road to success for you and your vision.

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Brand Identity

Branding is more than simply creating a pretty logo and choosing a flashy catchphrase.  Quality branding is about maximizing your reach while creating client relationships through intentional, impactful, and consistent messaging.  At Pubbix Tech, we understand that the best way to establish a successful brand identity by collaborating with a team of marketing and branding experts who will listen to your vision, help you flesh out your products, and create a consistent and moving message that will get your business noticed.  Beyond creating stunning logos, memorable slogans, sleek fonts, vibrant colors, and consistent messaging, Pubbix Tech offers a full suite of brand identity services that will help elevate your business and achieve success unlike anything you ever dreamed possible.

Our Process

Step 01


A failure to plan is a plan for failure.  Pubbix Tech invests the time to understand your vision, and then zero-in on your organizational goals and ultimate objectives.  Together, we identify the product you want to create, explore the ecosystem you’re operating within, and create a detailed, customized, and thorough strategy that will help make your dreams a reality.  From there, we stand with you as we transform this plan into a well-defined set of product requirements, measurable outcomes, and clear milestones.  The result?  An efficient, detail oriented, and methodical approach that minimizes the number of operational assumptions while creating a lean, minimum viable product that achieves your desired goals

Step 02

UX/UI Design

Next, we begin to delve into the important work of cultivating a smooth, delightful, and easy-to-navigate user experience for your customer base.  Together, we will explore the tone you want to set, identify your ideal audience, and then sketch out an intuitive and visually stunning digital experience that will drive sales, boost profits, and expand your reach.

Step 03


This is where it all comes together.  All of the strategizing, all of the prepping, and all of the design comes down to expertly executing the plan to perfection.  For many organizations, this is where projects get stuck, derail, and then fall apart.

but not with Pubbix Tech.

We work tirelessly to ensure complete visibility and transparency throughout the entire development process to avoid common pitfalls. By assembling a dedicated “development pod” for your project, we efficiently and seamlessly implement the plan.  By adhering to a rigid schedule of detailed milestones, metrics, and deliverables, Pubbix Tech ensures that your project will go off without a hitch.

Your development pod will consist of expert engineers in each of the skill sets required for the project, as well as a project manager and a test engineer. The development pod implements entire features from top to bottom to allow you to track our progress, as well as test and demo the product as it is being built. Once the full product has been developed to spec, we execute a final round of testing before flipping the switch and going live!

Step 04


Once your project or product is active, live, and gaining traction, the time has come to seek and finalize your product market fit.  This is the step where previous assumptions are put to the test, new data is examined, and updated strategies are created.  As your development partner, Pubbix Tech will stand with you for the long haul, continuing to iterate and improve your product as times goes on – always striving to realize your ultimate vision and helping you achieve your organizational goals.